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I often wonder to what extent the Others control the human narrative. I wonder if that’s what we are seeing when we see people in power do and act in seemingly ridiculous ways. Take for example the archeologists who deride Graham. It’s irrationalism veiled by what looks lik intellectualism, but isn’t. Another example is the trained response to the notion of UFOs pervasive in the public space. Could the others be the authors of these strategies to hide in plain sight via the “intellectual” leaders. Yet another example is COVID 19. Your article brought up diseases and I have wondered if this is also an act of the “Others” to somehow control the human narrative. Is it possible They injected it into the human space either directly or through the manipulation of other humans? I would be remiss not to mention the heavy handed and ridiculous often irrational response various governments too to deal with it (I.e. arresting a lone walker on the beach, or beating people into submission). Humans have repeatedly done some very irrational things throughout history and continue to. Not just personally irrational choices affecting them, but irrational at a large scale. To me, this is evidence of something under the covers of perceived reality having some influence on our reality for purposes unknown. Even if you attribute it to Angels vs Demons, the long term purpose is still unknown.

This I know: Very rarely is what we initially perceive to be the case actually the case. There is more we don’t know about the world and universe than we do know and because of this our angle of perception is severely limited so that we are looking at a triptych, but we can’t even see the whole thing. This leads us to believe we can see the whole thing and therefore be confident we know, when in fact we don’t have a clue.

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Hey there’s an Easter egg that I think a lot of people missed. I sent you a DM on twitter with the video. Tom tries to make it very clear. Department of naval intelligence not office. I’ve seen John Greenwald debunk documents that look legit but they say office instead of department. So he calls them hoax, cool. Then there was this guy claiming an interview with an alien and he talks about the department of naval intelligence and this was before

Monsters of California. Obviously a fake video I thought, then I saw this Easter egg that Delonge tries to make clear and it’s the base where the bodies are at. Now I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt to that guy with that video. Anyway Klaus your bodies with Delonge ask him about the department of naval intelligence.

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