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Interesting reading this article recently as well as Jaques Vallee’s recently published diary entry: Hummingbird. Tuesday 22 September 2009. Autumn Equinox.

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Scary corner of the history. Every time one looks around the conspiracy gets larger and uglier. Not good.

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Jaques Vallee: “I have received a remarkable letter from a senior Intelligence analyst in Reston. He has become “a student of hidden power structures in the world,” adding: “I have learned that, at least for the period of time from the 1920s through WWII, there was an immensely powerful network of industrial interests, with its center of gravity in Germany. This network was not only instrumental in bringing Hitler to power, but it was simultaneously capable of wielding considerable influence over the governments of the US, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, and elsewhere.” He sends me a disk with the text of a book entitled All Honorable Men by James Stewart Martin, who exposed people who helped the Nazi. The letter adds: “It becomes conceivable that a behind-the-scenes power structure could manipulate governments on matters of great importance.”

Whether or not this is the case with ufology as a vector is speculation, but he writes that he first became inter”

“interested when he heard privately from a trusted pilot of a military reconnaissance aircraft who had observed a large UFO in the early 1980s: “He and his crewmates had captured 20 minutes of photographic, video and radio frequency data on the UFO, which flew in close formation in broad daylight. A few hours after they landed, they were debriefed by an anonymous, plain-clothes team who confiscated all their evidence.”

Prior to hearing this story, he insists, he had been an arch skeptic. But what followed took the enigma to an even higher level: “The debriefing team ignored all rules of classified material accountability when confiscating the mission materials. The mission had been an operational signal intelligence mission, and all photos and other data were classified Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) subject to two-person integrity regulations. Yet the debriefing team signed for nothing. They simply put the tapes and film in a pouch and just walked off. There’s nothing on paper regarding these materials, nothing to file a FOIA request.”

“My correspondent is a defense analyst for the Federal government who spent half his career working with special access programs. He’s shocked by this situation: “In all my experience, the higher the classification, the stricter the adherence to the rules of material handling and the more dire the consequences of violating security regulations. So I was extremely baffled by this case. A behind-the-scenes power structure exists, which is able to manipulate the CIA, NSA, Air Force OSI, or whoever grabbed the data, then perhaps this power structure is able to break all the rules and get away with it.”

Excerpt From

Forbidden Science 5: Pacific Heights

Jacques Vallee

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The book is free on audible! Going to start listening. Great article!

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