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Delonge has hinted that humankind is more powerful than it realizes. Remember the foreign official, as recounted on the Jimmy Church F2B episode 515, that bent a metal object with their mind? He’s also optimistic that the future is going to be great! But it’s tricky how humanity is going to get there... Where does that leave us? Are we lab rats to be wiped out or masters of the universe? I see how it’s easy to discount Delonge, but on the on the other hand he has a good track record of validation after the fact...

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Evolutionarily (pop-biologically?) speaking, one thing hypothesized to denote humans as a species is our ability to be aware of time. So, if there is another who has further developed that perception, it checks out. Beyond that:

I also think how much less random a cyclical universe appears is a valuable way to shift the public discourse and perception of cosmological phenomena. Under the current linear understanding of time, deciphering cosmological flows and processes is an esoteric subject matter that does not have a great analogy for laymen. The ability to expand our intuitive idea of flows and cycles within Earth-based nature (and psychology) to the cosmos gives a ground for understanding and in a sense, demystification of our place in reality. Not unlike many indigenous creation stories which have no stark beginning but instead start with things already existing and humans coming along. The stories change over time inviting participation within the dreamtime if you will.

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