I think we are in a zoo of sorts BECAUSE our consciousness is suppressed. And some people like Garry Nolan, you, and many many others have bypassed these blocks to a certain extent based on genetics. But I also think the mechanisms are breaking down causing others less gifted (like myself) to get forcibly woken up. And just to be very clear about what the zoo is. It is the soul trap. It creates our amnesia, when we die we are tricked and we reincarnate here on Earth with no memory. The purpose for this has many theories but they all seem to say that this is a created situation. But it is ending. As Terrence McKenna said. “This is what it looks like when a species is about to depart for the stars...it is not calm and orderly, it is a fire in a madhouse”. Feels pretty hot to me.

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Compelling analysis! It feels like you are so incredibly close to finding a potential narrative about our relationship with the Others.

I hope that I can help, by offering some additional data points to consider. Lets begin with a foundational proposition, and move onward from there.

1. Self preservation is a common instinct among all species on our planet. Self preservation eventually breeds competition, and then hopefully innovation, and so forth. You may have touched on this before.

2. Some have hypothesized that human genetics have been edited in the distant past. There are clues in our genetic code that give some weight to this hypothesis.

3. What are the some of the forms of telepathy which have been reported by experiencers?

3a. Empathic telepathy - transferring emotions from one being to another.

3b. Visual telepathy - transferring images from one being to another

3c. Auditory telepathy - transferring information using language, from one being to another.

4. Compared to telepathy, language alone can be a limited way to express ones emotions, thoughts, and desires to another being. We still don’t understand how most animals communicate. We think that they don’t use language, in the same way that humans do.

5. Advanced consciousness and telepathy in my opinion, go hand in hand. Telepathy may be another tool to express consciousness. With language as our primary means to communicate, humans are distinct and separate from each other and nature. I can write or speak my emotions/intent with you, but you are handicapped when it comes to judging my intent. We all are.

6. Robert Monroe, famously claimed to speak with NHI during his astral projection experiences. He claimed to have a “conversation” with a being, who showed him the “brochure” for planet earth. It’s an interesting thought experiment to consider.

I apologize for presenting my thoughts in such a long comment. I felt compelled to share a few data points and opinions, that may help you to arrive at a potential narrative, to describe our relationship to the Others.

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Outstanding Klaus! Spot on!

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