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Awesome. This is exactly the type of article that should be showing up in the New York Times or Washington Post, but sadly it never will. Unless of course they pull their heads out of their asses, fire their shitty "investigative" reporters and hire you. I am dead serious about that, if you had the backing & reach of a large publication, I can't imagine the stuff you would dig up. Bravo.

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Really good piece Klaus, damn! You get into it, connect some dots.

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Killing it mate, loving these articles.!

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This is great journalism, Klaus. This is probably how the pentagon secretly funds a reverse engineering program of UFO/UAP.

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I fear it is much bigger even. These links are to works by a guy called AR Bordon. I got the tip from a really informed poster on Reddit. To say my mind has been exploded is to put it lightly. The second link is what is going with us and our main others. The first is the about our galactic and extragalactic visitors. And our position. I am afraid your breakaway civilization scope needs to be radically enlarged.



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