BTW Ultra terrestrials mentioned by Sixto Pas Wells (hes on a buzz similiar to Ra material), as being from 1 of the 2 other universes, I think the Mental universe (we are in the Material, the other is the Spiritual, Octaves mentioned also).

Proxy war possible, particularly if we are living on a holy planet.

Holy planets get quarantined. Hard to get in and out. I think the integrity of our quarantine is strong. Otherwise we would have at least found a light saber dropped by a drunk Alien (also remember the Americas never had the wheel invention, no mental telepathy collective consciousness comms buzz between Ancient Europeans & Americans).

Unfortunately, possibly with holy planets, some things get quarantined in with us, which gives them an opportunity. Possibly part of the big plan.

Or at least they think they have an opportunity. Hence proxy war.

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So i started “Our Haunted Planet”... all this stuff he starts with (giant blocks of ancient green glass and manufactured metal objects encased in ancient coal) is true?

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When I say gives them an opportunity, Im talking an opportunity ET on the most part doesn't, being on the other side of the quarantine.

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