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Family and the Phenomenon

The Somber Implications of the Cognitive Human Interface

The Imperceptible Reality of the Phenomenon

General Mattis saved Lue Elizondo’s life in Afghanistan according to Tom DeLonge.

The US government utilized the study of biological effects from UAP for reverse engineering research.

Elizondo’s background in microbiology and immunology could be a significant reason he was chosen for AAWSAP/AATIP.

ICER’s Paolo Guizzardi: Disclosure is moving faster because Trump fired so many Pentagon officials, USG will acknowledge ET in coming months.

There is more momentum for disclosure today than ever before.

Stanford geneticist Garry Nolan studied the neurological effects of UAP on military service members.

Dr. Eric Davis: “The immune system works like an antenna” and “may be the reason why the phenomenon is interested in you.”

Elizondo says pilots experience a distortion in spacetime when they encounter UFOs, which could explain the Nimitz timeline discrepancy.

Ross Coulthart says he's been told that Americans involved in reverse engineering UAP tech have defected to China, which may explain Navy patents.

This is what I wrote to my Senators today. Feel free to use it if you haven't written yours yet.

Were exotic materials part of Lockheed's 1971 loan guarantee contract?

The Immune System and our Time Traveling Descendants: The Future Human Hypothesis

Tom DeLonge has already told us what he learned that kept him up for three nights, and it’s absolutely terrifying.

Garry Nolan says Eric Davis doesn't care about being civil with his critics anymore because "the info is finally coming out."

Garry Nolan: "When your mind expands to a certain point, in terms of what you might consider reality to be, other entities live there."

It's becoming clear that many answers for the phenomenon likely exist within the human body.

Elizondo expands on his "somber" comment, saying humanity may have to rewrite history.

The Cognitive Human Interface may be the most concerning part of AATIP Slide 9.

Ross Coulthart says private tech companies are now realizing that UAP technologies "represent enormous potential breakthroughs for humanity."

The list of insiders suggesting imperceptible beings are all around us keeps growing.

Elizondo says DNI Haines won't follow the Pentagon's lead on the UFO cover up.

Tom DeLonge interview 9/27

The Implications of the Alaskan Pyramid